Challenge Hill

Free activities

The following free activities are included in the Day Visit entry, and the accommodation fee for guests staying on the property. 

Challenge Hill - all ages

Our huge outdoor obstacle course is a test of physical fitness and mental agility perfect for building personal resilience and promoting team building within groups.

Disc Golf - all ages

Easy and fun, it's a game for all ages. It is based on the principle of golf. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole in the ground, throw a Frisbee into a net secured on a post.  Discs available for loan from the office.

Orienteering - all ages

There are seven orienteering courses at Woodhouse, professionally designed by the Wallarinaga Orienteers varying in length from 1.6 to 2.8 km. Laminated maps and equipment are available on loan at the office. Allow half to one hour, dependent on the course. Follow the map to find the posts around the property that spell the special answer.

Hiking - ages 10 up (facilitated option)

Woodhouse is the perfect basecamp in which to explore the beautiful Adelaide Hills area! With several walking trails of varying difficulty, there is something for everyone!

Photo Hunt - all ages

Students are given a set of photographs and use basic map reading and navigational skills to navigate their way around the property to match the photos with the correct checkpoints. May be used in conjunction with orienteering.

Nature Art - ages 4-9

Create your own masterpiece from natural objects found around Woodhouse! A great extension of our ‘Scavenger hunt’

Scavenger Hunt - ages 4-14

Explore our beautiful wonderland while going on a real-life treasure hunt!


Other sporting and recreation as well as BBQ, fire circles (fire ban permitting) and picnic facilities. 


Where in Woodhouse Selfie Challenge

We’re taking ‘Where in Woodhouse’ to the next level these school holidays, offering a unique, fun and challenging way to explore the 54 hectare property. Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to visit Woodhouse any time between 23.12.17 and 29.01.18 and, as part of your Day Visit, Camping or Accommodation experience, find the 9 ‘Where in Woodhouse’ items and take a selfie with it. 

Submit your photos by emailing or registering them in person with a staff member on site before the end of the Adelaide Summer School Holidays to enter the draw to win a $100 voucher to use on your choice of activities or accommodation at Woodhouse.

Print outs available from the office – or print your own at by clicking here: 'Where in Woodhouse' Selfie Challenge 

Staff can offer hints - so don't be shy!