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Venture into the 54 hectare property, over the bridge and through gum-tree studded countryside to find your own private wedding retreat at Old Woodhouse Manor - the Crown Jewel of Piccadilly. This two story, heritage listed mansion is destined to provide the perfect backdrop or venue for a very special and unique ceremony.

Stroll through the secret garden in the shade of century old Magnolia trees, explore the rugged paths that lead to the gurgling waterfall and regale in the paved courtyard; the sociable hub of your celebrations. It’s here that you’ll say ‘I do’. It’s the place you’ll share your first sip of champagne as a married couple. It’s the area to which you’ll return to mingle with friends and family as day fades into night and twinkling stars begin to peek through the majestic canopy.

Hidden staircases, wide verandas, colonial gardens and pine-tree forests are a photographer’s dream and your Wedding at Woodhouse will allow you to capture the many varied landscapes without ever leaving your party.

Two private suites on the ground floor of the Manor and group accommodation upstairs is included in the package, perhaps for interstate guests or those looking to keep the party going. Just imagine waking up with your nearest and dearest to share stories of your special day.


"Woodhouse was the most perfect place to have our wedding, in every single moment. The location was perfect, and the freedom we had to create the space in our own way was perfect. People keep telling us it was the best and most joyful wedding they've been to, so thank you big time for being a huge part of that!" Lauren + Liam