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CAMPFIRES at Woodhouse

Outside of fire ban season (May-November), campfires are an essential part of your DAY or STAY at Woodhouse.

There are several large fire pits for shared use - a great opportunity to meet like-minded families - as well as some half-barrel drums if you're looking for something more private. You are also welcome to bring your own portable fire drum.

Available for purchase from the office for your convenience (between 9am and 5pm):

  • 15kg bag of wood: $20
  • Fire-starter pack (includes newspaper, kindling, fire-starters and matches): $5
  • Marshmallows: $5
  • S'mores pack (marshmallows and choc covered biscuits): $7
  • Mystical Fire packet: $6
  • Red Cacao Hot Chokki Spoon: $5
  • Chokki Spoon pack (souvenir Woodhouse mug, milk, chokki spoon): $15


For the safety of all guests, safety requirements must be met - please refer to the printed Guest Information brochure provided at check in and/or below:

  • The fire must be in a purpose built pit or drum and must be confined to this area.
  • Consider not having a campfire in high winds.
  • There must be a 4 metre cleared space around and above the fire. Tents, buildings or gas bottles must be at least 10 meters away.
  • A responsible adult must be in attendance at all times with water on hand. (A large bucket filled with water is the minimum requirement.)
  • Whilst near the fire, campers must wear enclosed shoes that will protect their feet from the fire and coals. 
  • Children must be briefed on how to be safe around the fire i.e.; no running or pushing, no fire sticks, keep a safe distance.
  • Extinguish your fire completely when not in attendance. 


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