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SAVE THE DATE! Summer school holiday day camps will run in the last two weeks of January. Program lineup is scheduled for release by 1st December 2019 - make sure you join our mailing list to be the first to know!

Designed for boys and girls aged 5-13, the ‘drop and go’ day camps run from 9.00am-5.00pm (drop from 8.30am), are fully facilitated, fully catered and offer a different theme each day, so you can book for 1 day, or all 8!

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Example program lineup from Spring school holidays below for you to see the type of cool activities your kids will enjoy!

Do you have what it takes to compete in the Woodhouse Games? Bring your sportsmanship, your competitiveness and your spirit. Navigate your way around the property from one activity to the next, including wide games and everyone's favourite game - laser skirmish! Click to book...

You will need all of your investigative and crime cracking skills to navigate your way to the treasure hidden somewhere inside the Woodhouse Activity Centre property. Come dressed to theme as a pirate, spy or investigator. X marks the spot!

When you’re going on an adventure, the last thing you need is something weighing you down. A hands on activity will have you preparing your fuel for the day, then discover the essentials you’ll need to take on a hiking expedition before heading off on the Woodhouse Adventurers Trail around the Adelaide Hills.

This will be a fun and challenging simulation of how to survive in the wild, combining orienteering and bouldering with some basic survival fundamentals. Discover skills including humpy building, campfire cooking and how to find and purify water so you can become the Ultimate Survivor.

Get ready to build something epic using pioneer poles, ropes, sticks and anything else you can find! Build a fort, a catapult and maybe even a music wall... the only limit to what we can create is your imagination. Click to book...

Cooking in a kitchen is just too easy! We've designed a day outdoors that explores several different styles of cooking. You'll get a chance to cook on fire, Trangias and solid fuel stoves. Bring your finest culinary skills with you for this fun day of eating and cooking. Click to book...


A day full of exciting smells, sights and sounds with plenty of hands on activities to learn about the world around us. Why do things float, pop or foam… and what colour slime is the best? Things are going to get messy, so come along in old clothes.

Nothing beats sitting around the campfire with marshmallows and hot chocolate while you tell stories and sing silly songs. Learn where and how to set up your tent, how to build a safe campfire and cook some camp favourites including damper, baked potatoes and s'mores.

October at Woodhouse presents a fabulously unique opportunity to combine the best of both summer and winter. Cool enough to snuggle up around the campfire campfire, sing some songs and toast some marshmallows, warm enough to whizz down the hill on a giant ice block and make your own ice cream! Click to book...

PLEASE NOTE!! The television show 'Totally Wild' is coming in to shoot a couple of segments on this day, so your child has the opportunity to end up on TV!! (with your permission, of course).

If you have children attending this day, please download the Release Form to assist with your express check in.

'The kids loved it so much and made friends from other schools. They've asked me to book them in for another day next week. Thank you so much to everyone at Woodhouse.'


‘When I asked my 6 year old (whom I was concerned that the activity yesterday may not be her thing) how her day was, her simple response was "Epic" "I loved it, I had so much fun". So, well done to all involved, Woodhouse has been the highlight of the holidays for Lucy.


‘He was upset this morning going off to OSHC rather than up to Woodhouse. He has been telling all his friends about it and how it is "the best time ever"’


‘It was great to have something that was completely outdoors for the kids to do. I also liked that it ran from 8.30 – 5pm too so that parents could still go to work without having to take time off. Sarina had a great time and can’t wait to go back again. She also slept like a log! I’ll be looking out for the email next school holidays.’


'Our girls had a wonderful day, they were so full of excitement when they got home. Filthy, starving and exhausted, but very happy. They are very much looking forward to coming back again on Monday!' 


'Thank you for running this program, I loved the chance for him to be outside in nature being physical and screen free all day. This is hard to achieve with many other all day school holiday programs.' 




Bring the family for a Day Visit: test yourself on the famous Woody's Challenge Hill  obstacle course, and spend the rest of the day relaxing in the majestic grounds, or enjoying one of the many other activities on offer, including Disc Golf, orienteering courses, and walking trails.

Stay for a night or two at the numerous outdoor unpowered camping areas, for the experienced camper, or those looking for an adventure. These camping areas include adjacent shower and toilet blocks, undercover BBQ facilities and campfire areas.

Whether you're wanting to enjoy a tranquil day of picnicking in the beautiful surrounds and discovering our wetlands trail or ramp it up with an Adrenalin rush Woodhouse has something for you these school holidays.



We’re taking ‘Where in Woodhouse’ to the next level these school holidays, offering a unique, fun and challenging way to explore the 54 hectare property. Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to visit Woodhouse any time across the winter season and, as part of your Day Visit, Camping or Accommodation experience, find any of the 9 ‘Where in Woodhouse’ items and take a selfie with it. 

Submit your photos by emailing info@woodhouse.org.au or registering them in person with a staff member on site before the end of the Adelaide Spring School Holidays to enter the draw to win 1 of 2 Family Camping & Activity packages.

Print outs available from the office. Staff can offer hints - so don't be shy!

‘When I asked my 6 year old (whom I was concerned that the facilitated school holiday activity may not be her thing) how her day was, her simple response was "Epic" "I loved it, I had so much fun". Woodhouse has been the highlight of the holidays for Lucy.’ Emily Browne


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