Challenge Hill

An obstacle course designed to bring you together as a team and challenge your skill and bravery, you will find yourself stretched physically and mentally as you go around the course.

You will crawl, climb, swing and splash your way up the hill, but the biggest challenge is in your ability to work as a team and show leadership skills.

It’s not a race, it a chance to show what you are made of, take time to debrief your performance and encourage your team mates.

Challenge Hill is regularly used by school groups, sporting clubs, corporate and government groups and the armed services. It is not suitable for small children unless supervised.

*Please note that if wind speeds are at 30k/h or above or particular gusty, Challenge Hill will be closed (for your safety) 

Unlimited use of Challenge Hill is included in your...

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COVID-SAFE: The risk of COVID-19 transmission from outdoor parks, playgrounds and equipment is low and can be managed by following social distancing and hygiene precautions. Woodhouse staff will disinfect each element on Challenge Hill regularly, however we recommend that you sanitise or wash hands as soon as possible after completing the obstacle course.

While we are limiting the number of visitors on site at any one time, we also ask that if you can see there are too many people to be able to social distance, please move on to another obstacle or activity and come back later. It’s important for us to keep up the social distancing and hygiene practises that have kept our COVID-19 cases low in South Australia. 


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