The Labyrinth

Work your way through the giant split-level maze, with a fun fireman’s pole, a slide and 2 flights of stairs adjoining the 2.8m drop from top to bottom tier. 135m direct route from start to finish, or extend the experience to 537m by finding quizzes and riddles at each of the 17 dead ends. 

Think you’ve memorised the path to the finish line? The internal panels are interchangeable so the route will be changed up regularly to keep this cool new activity fresh and exciting. How A-MAZE-ING is that?!

*COVID-SAFE: It is completely achievable to get from start to finish without touching anything (using the stairs), however the slide and fireman's pole are being regularly sanitised for those choosing to use those. We also recommend that you sanitise or wash hands as soon as possible after completing the maze. While we are limiting the number of visitors on site at any one time, we also ask that if you can see there are too many people to be able to social distance, please move on to another activity and come back later.


You can find answers to the the riddles here!


Unlimited use of The Labyrinth is included in your...

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  • 270 beams adjoining each panel in the Labyrinth were made out of recycled materials.
  • 10,530kg of waste material was diverted from landfill.
  • 5,265kg of waste plastic was up-cycled.
  • An approximate 63,180 x 2 litre milk bottles were recycled in this one project.
  • Approximately the annual milk bottle usage by 1215 SA homes.

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