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Spring Weddings at Woodhouse

Spring is a pretty magical time at Woodhouse, and definitely in our top 4 favourite seasons. Temperatures start to rise and the days become longer.

After the cold winter, the plants and trees start to blossom and flower, introducing colours to the garden of reds, pinks, oranges and greens, and some new faces start to appear as many of our fury residents have their babies. What a spectacular time to start this next chapter of your lives.

The cool (generally dryer) nights are prime for sitting around a campfire and toasting some marshmallows - and the milder weather makes for some ideal partying conditions too. 

The dedicated fire pit, surrounded by Basket Range sandstone boulders for seats, offers a stunning opportunity to snuggle and chat.


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We love that every wedding at Woodhouse is completely unique to the last. Check out how these beautiful couples made the space their own...  


Kate + Jesse's September Wedding at Woodhouse 


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